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Dr. Phil Maffetone Writes First Review of AK Essentials: The Missing Link in Healthcare

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A new generation of applied kinesiology (AK) textbooks is here. The first of several planned publications, Applied Kinesiology Essentials is co-authored and edited by Scott Cuthbert, DC.

Applied kinesiology is not another technique. Instead, it offers clinicians a system of evaluation to help choose a wide variety of existing techniques that best match the patient’s needs. This assessment process strongly emphasizes manual muscle testing. AK is a paradigm—an overreaching way of viewing the needs of patients, their individuality, and how we all strive for a healthier living. This notion, of course, and how we live it out, originates in our brains, and Applied Kinesiology Essentials conveys this model very well.

Cuthbert carefully discusses the extensive reaches of AK’s assessment and treatment capabilities. These include how body and brain dysfunction, whether pathologic or, most commonly, the reversible physiopathologic state, is reflected in muscle imbalance. Through a better understanding of afferent and efferent systems, sensorimotor receptors, mental receptors, proprioception and cognitive development with it’s important motor relationships, we can better integrate this holistic approach into a unique and effective model of healthcare.

Just as important, this textbook provides an up-to-date scientific scrutiny of a vast and often misunderstood—and misused—segment of healthcare. Those employing any aspect of manual muscle testing will find it refreshingly useful, from physical therapists, chiropractors, and osteopaths, to medical doctors, massage therapists and other practitioners who incorporate any form of bodywork. This aspect of the book by itself has incredible value to help communicate the scientific strength of AK for the inter- and intra-professional exchange of ideas, and, when necessary, for local licensing boards and legal needs.

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