Whiplash Dynamics and Manual Muscle Testing

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Key Features:

  • Details the background of muscular dysfunction in WAD and explains why muscular inhibition is a primary feature of the structural, biochemical, and mental-emotional disturbances accompanying and often perpetuating the symptoms following whiplash injuries
  • Provides precise assessment and diagnostic guidelines
  • Demonstrates the clinical relevance of the research to the student and busy practitioner to help identify the features involved in persisting neck pain from whiplash injuries
  • Explains the use of AK for individual muscle problems, muscle chain reactions, local and remote myofascial dysfunction and joint subluxations
  • Provides the most current compilation of the MMT evidence-base and literature reviews relating to WAD
  • MMT evaluation shows that even if the cervical spine is properly treated, there will be limited return to optimal function because the spine is only one portion of the total stomatognathic and cranio-sacral system that works as an integrated whole. The doctor using MMT has a unique opportunity to properly evaluate and correct this integration
  • Extensively illustrated with line and color drawings and photographs
    Manual muscle testing procedures provide an interactive, integrated assessment of the functional health status of an individual who has been injured in motor vehicle accident. It is a method that is not equipment intensive but does emphasize the importance of correlating and understanding all findings with standard, evidence-based, best-practice diagnostic procedures.

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